Terms of Sale Policy

This purchase is governed by the standard conditions of sale for consumer goods via the Internet. Internet purchases are primarily regulated by the Contract Act, Consumer Purchase Act, Marketing Act, Cancellation Act, and E-commerce Act. These laws grant consumers inherent rights, which can be found at www.lovdata.no. These terms do not limit statutory rights but outline the main rights and obligations of the parties in the transaction.

The sales conditions have been drafted and recommended by the Norwegian Consumer Protection Authority. For a detailed understanding of these terms, refer to the guidance provided by the Norwegian Consumer Protection Authority here.

  1. Agreement The agreement comprises these sales conditions, details in the ordering solution, and any separately agreed terms. In case of conflict, separately agreed terms prevail unless they contravene mandatory legislation. Relevant legal provisions governing goods purchase between traders and consumers also supplement this agreement.

  2. Parties The seller is:

    • Company Name: Lcorp AS
    • Company Number: 928 702 456
    • Address: Tuenesvegen 7B, 6006 Ålesund, NORWAY
    • Email: Help@poster-box.com 

  3. Price The stated price includes all taxes, fees, and additional costs unless otherwise informed by the seller before purchase.

  4. Conclusion of Agreement The agreement binds both parties when the buyer submits the order.

  5. Payment The seller may demand payment upon dispatch of goods. For credit or debit card payments, the seller may reserve the purchase price at the time of order and debit the card upon shipment. Buyers under 18 cannot pay via subsequent invoice. Payment options include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Apple Pay.

  6. 14-Day Return Policy We offer a 14-day return policy. Items must be in original packaging and unused. Register your return here to initiate the process.

  7. Delay and Non-Delivery Buyers may exercise rights per Chapter 5 of the Consumer Purchase Act if goods are not delivered or delivered late due to seller-related factors.

  8. Seller's Rights in Buyer's Default Sellers may enforce rights under Chapter 5 of the Consumer Purchase Act if goods are not delivered or delivered late due to buyer-related factors.

  9. Interest on Late Payment The seller can charge interest on overdue payments per the Act on Default Interest and may recover collection fees under the Debt Collection Act.

  10. Fee for Uncollected Items If buyers fail to collect prepaid items, sellers may charge a fee not exceeding actual delivery expenses. Buyers under 18 are exempt.

  11. Warranty Manufacturer's warranties do not restrict consumer rights under law regarding delays or defects.

  12. Personal Information Seller is the data controller. Personal data collected is only used to fulfill contractual obligations unless buyer agrees otherwise under the Personal Data Act.

    See our privacy policy here.

  13. Dispute Resolution Parties must attempt amicable dispute settlement. If unresolved, buyers may seek mediation from the Consumer Council or submit complaints via the European Commission's complaints portal at http://ec.europa.eu/odr.

For inquiries regarding these terms, please contact us.